Architect (Debrecen)

Architect (Debrecen)
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  • Collect the data in the early stage of the project, provide technical support for the project implementation.
  • Cooperate with the design agency and other third-party professional design institutions to provide plans and drawings which clearly outline architectural design of project.
  • Confirm and review the architectural scheme design; review the comprehensive indicators such as safety, reliability, economy, construction feasibility, maintainability, and scalability of the scheme design.
  • Assist in the inspection of construction project and review the project plans and deliveries of suppliers and construction companies.
  • Follow up the architectural drawing changes and lead the design change work.
  • Provide on-site work guidance for the contractors and participate in the acceptance of construction projects.
  • Follow up the changes on the construction site and adjust the design of the building in time according to the needs.
  • Report the progress of the work to the superior in time, put forward the existing problems, analyze the situation and give suggestions to solve the problems.

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