DevOps Engineer (Budapest)

DevOps Engineer (Budapest)
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DevOps Engineer

We are looking for our multinational partner,
DevOps Engineer (Budapest)

  • The task area include administration and provisioning the ALM infrastructure and the continuous improvement of tools, methods and processes.
  • By using agile process approaches in particular, continuity plays an important role with the goal of fast and reliable support.
  • Conception and administration of the CI/CD-Pipeline / Infrastructure, the process implementation and the automation of builds, tests and releases.
  • DevOps Engineer are not restricted for local teams, but rather for software collaboration of all teams worldwide.
  • Creating concepts, strategies and guidelines and training of teams, the goal is to have consistency and empowerment.
  • agile project management support for backlogs, boards and work items (e.g. Azure DevOps)
  • creating queries, reports and dashboard for business intelligence (e.g. Microsoft Power BI)
  • general support for git repositories
  • best practices for branching, merging and repository definitions
  • git trainings and guidelines
  • C#, Javascript, and SQL experience
Continuous Delivery (CD)
  •  setup and support of the CD Pipeline (Virtualization with Azure Cloud Services / VMWare)
  •  creating windows and linux based virtual machines automated by e.g. Ansible
  •  general support for different build- and test-technologies (e.g. Azure Pipelines & Test Plans)
Dependency- / Package Management
  • support for efficient management of internal and external software artifacts (e.g. JFROG Artifactory)
  • management of software repositories (e.g. nuget, maven, docker)
  • container management with Kubernetes
other Services
  • implementation of permission management concepts for all tools and technologies
  • ensure GDPR / TISAX and other security and data protection compliances
  • code quality and security management with SonarQube
  • rest api implementations of extensions and plugins





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