DevOps Engineer for Software Services (Budapest)

DevOps Engineer for Software Services (Budapest)
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The largest ICT employer in Hungary, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions (formerly IT-Services Hungary, ITSH) is a subsidiary of the Deutsche Telekom Group. Established in 2006, the company provides a wide portfolio of IT and telecommunications services with more than 5000 employees. ITSH was awarded with the Best in Educational Cooperation prize by HIPA in 2019, acknowledged as one of the most attractive workplaces by PwC Hungary’s independent survey in 2021 and rewarded with the title of the Most Ethical Multinational Company in 2019. The company continuously develops its four sites in Budapest, Debrecen, Pécs and Szeged and is looking for skilled IT professionals to join its team.


DevOps Engineer for Software Services


DT-IT is currently having multiple open positions for non junior DevOps Engineers, thus the exact job description is not specifically described here.
Some business areas where we are searching for are the following:

  • Fiber optic infrastructure
  • Cloud Services & Products
  • BI platform element and data provisioning
  • Voice Application Service Platform
  • Integrated CRM systems for mobile customers
  • IT infrastructure and infrastructure services
  • Geodata services and applications
  • Network Transformation & Optimization

As a DevOps Engineer with an agile mindset, and experience working with agile frameworks like Scrum or Kanban, you:

- have a demonstrated experience as a DevOps Engineer

  • have a very good understanding of the SDLC and how DevOps relates to it
  • have experience building complex CI/CD pipelines
  • have used GitLab, GitHub Automation, Jenkins or similar tools to automate software delivery
  • primarily integrate the tasks of the four domains of SDLC (DEV, QA, SEC, OPS) into the CI/CD pipelines
  • are continuously exploring state of the art technologies
  • have hands-on experience in scripting (Python, BASH, JS/TS, Ruby, PHP, Groovy) and programming (Java, C/C++/C#, Go)
  • have a good understanding of OPS duties and tasks
  • help to automatically provision infrastructure via IaC and CaC (Terraform, Pulumi, AWS CDK, AWS CF, Ansible, Puppet etc.)
  • foster observability, monitoring, early warning and automated feedback loops
  • have hands-on experience how to monitor the SDLC and the delivered solution
  • know what DORA is about, and optimally can name other software metrics
  • have a good understanding of cloud hyperscalers (GCP, AWS, Azure, Oracle), maybe even hands-on experience
  • do not forget about resiliency, security (SAST, DAST, secret detection, etc.) and DR
  • have hands-on experience with Docker, K8S or serverless technologies




* Please be informed that our remote working possibility is only available within Hungary due to European taxation regulation.


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Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged, Pécs



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