Head of Team (Budapest)


Head of Team (Budapest)
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Head of Team


  • Ensures that the team achieves the expected service levels
  • Proactively develops and implements measures to improve the services
  • Distributes the tasks to his/her direct reports, oversees the implementation of tasks, and ensures even workload of the members of the group
  • Allocates resources (work schedules, vacation schedules, substitution plans)
  • Organizes induction of new employees and takes part in it Makes proposals for setting performance goals
  • Transfers operational and other relevant business information to the group
  • Ensures the well-being of the group; facilitates effective team work and conflict management
  • Monitors the productivity and operational performance of the group, and takes correction steps when necessary
  • Represents the services and performance of the team internally and in direct contact to the customers
  • Takes part in the planning of the budget of the work group; has partial responsibility for its observance
  • Supports the individual development of the members of the group: specifies basic performance and identifies development gaps; develops the technical knowledge of subordinates In the future the possibility to lead international teams


  • College / university degree
  • Fluent English knowledge, at least medium German language skills
  • Experience in managing teams
  • Mature IT and IT operations knowledge
  • ITIL knowledge
  • Critical thinker
  • Open minded
  • Good problem solver
  • Certificate of good-conduct











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