Head of Team (Pécs) (Pécs)

Head of Team (Pécs) (Pécs)
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Head of Team (Pécs)

As the leader of the team, its future growth and the development of your colleagues are in your hands. It’s up to you, how the future looks like.
Plan and control yearly Budget of the Team Support strategic and operative goals of the organization Ensure the effective resource allocation in terms of knowledge, costs, time and individual needs Lead and coordinate the daily work of the team; delegate, control and supervise ongoing tasks, deadlines and projects Sets performance goals and evaluates to what extent they are achieved. Supports the individual development of the group members Ensure the well-being of the group: facilitates effective team work Proactively develops and implements measures to improve the services delivered by the team

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  • Leadership skills: At least 3 years of working experience in managing teams and/or professional managerial role Familiar with and able to work in a professional international environment. IT knowledge Knowledge and understanding of ITILv3 processes Fluent English language skills Understanding of financial figures <br>
  • Personality:<br>
  • Strong customer orientation Solution and result focus Flexibility, proactivity and agility
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