Technical Incident Manager (REF1595T) (Budapest)

Technical Incident Manager (REF1595T) (Budapest)
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The largest ICT employerin Hungary, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions (formerly IT-Services Hungary, ITSH)is a subsidiary of the Deutsche Telekom Group. Established in 2006, the company provides a wide portfolio of IT and telecommunications services with more than 5000 employees. ITSH was awarded with the Best in Educational Cooperation prize by HIPA in 2019, acknowledged as one of the most attractive workplaces by PwC Hungary’s independent survey in 2021 and rewarded with the title of the Most Ethical Multinational Company in 2019. The company continuously develops its four sitesin Budapest, Debrecen, Pécs and Szeged and is looking for skilled IT professionals to join its team.


Technical Incident Manager (REF1595T)


Service Engineer IOT Tailormade Connectivity (SE-IOT-TM)

The Technical Incident Manager for IOT Tailormade Connectivity is responsible for Incident and Problem management within the Tailormade Connectivity Squad. The SE-IOT-TM is the direct interface for clarifications with automotive customers and internal Service Delivery Managers.

Main Skills:

  • 5+ years’ experience in technical Incident and Problem Management
  • Graduate in network or Mobil network communication, or 5+ years’ experience in a network/ Mobil network support function
  • Good communication skills, experience in customer contact. English as main language, German optional

IoT business is based on specialized technical platforms not standardized broadly used applications. Training on these platforms will be provided on the job.

IoT business is also under permanent development of new technologies and business models.

Because of this an open mind and the ability to learn new technology and methodology is more import than specific knowledge

Main job purpose:

Provides 2nd and 3rd level support of various customer specific IOT business applications and iOT infrastructure applications for internal and external customers. Ensures the smooth running of applications, manages incidents, problems updates and version changes, manages migrations, corrects emerging errors, fulfills requests, and gives advice and support for the use of applications.

Main job tasks and responsibilities:

  • Provides professional support in several fields.
  • Solves more complex or less frequently reported problems, solves errors of several applications and tools.
  • Searches the root of the problem in order to prevent its re-surfacing.
  • Participates in project work.
  • Takes part in the induction of new employees and gives professional guidance to more junior colleagues.
  • Makes proposals for the optimization of processes, and participates in process documentation.
  • Contributes to the development of the knowledge base.
  • Performs standby tasks independently.


  • Basic level of scientific/specialized knowledge for mobile core and RAN technology. Knowledge of the practical application of specialized methods, techniques and processes is required. Knowledge may be acquired through part professional qualification or by 'on the job' experience.
  • Mature scientific or specialized professional knowledge (deep understanding of a specific professional field + several years of experience + sound knowledge and integration of other professional fields) The requirement is for sufficiency in a technical, scientific, or specialized field built on an understanding of theoretical concepts and principles and their context. Knowledge is normally acquired through professional or academic qualification or through extensive practical experience.
  • Freedom to think, thinking environment is an important point and should not only cover standardized thinking within substantially diversified company procedures and standards, but also clearly defined thinking within company policies, principles and specific objectives, the „how“ is largely determined by the incumbent’s own judgment.
  • Broadly defined functional objectives are set, but problems need to be identified, priorities have to be set, processes need to be prescribed.
  • The complexity of the problems needs a variable handling of complex situations and tasks. Problems that „fall in the cracks “- requiring a search for solutions or new applications within an area of learned things.
  • Adaptive handling of situations is also requiring analytical, interpretative, evaluative, and/or -constructive thinking, decision in uncertainty.
  • The position requires to act in regulated processes with indirect supervision over work, review of work results after the fact, and directed self-managed handling where expected operating results are set, degree of independence provided how to achieve them as long as activities are consistent with approved operative plans and functional policies.



* Please be informed that our remote working possibility is only available within Hungary due to European taxation regulation.


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Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged, Pécs



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